Course Outcomes

CO No.

       Expected Course Outcomes

       Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to:

Cognitive Level PSO No.
1 Recall the history of cytology and draw the structure of cell organelles and locate its parts along with functions R 1
2 Design the model of a cell. C 6
3 Distinguish the structure of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell. U 2
4 Explain the organization of Genes and chromosomes, chromosome morpholoogy and its aberrations  U 3
5 Distinguish the types and mechanism of mutations. An 2
6 Compare and contrast the events of cell cycle and its regulation An 3
7 Summarize the definition, sources and applications of stem cells. U 3
8 Explain the communications of cells with other cells and to the environment. U 6
9 Explain the process of development in general U 1
10 Distinguish the various process involved in plant and animal development. U 2

*PSO – Program Specific Outcome; R-Remember; U-Understanding; Ap-Apply; An-Analyze; E-Evaluate; C-Create