Sociology Department Researches

Research Centre in Sociology

The Post graduate Department of Sociology established in 1965 became a recognised research centre of Mahatma Gandhi University in 2008 videorder 2087/Ac.A.VI/2008 Acad, dated 19/05/2008 MG University with Dr. E Vijayakumary and Dr. Asha Mathew as Research guides.  The Department produced three PhDs under their guidance.  Currently there are 3 research guides and 5 research scholars. Sociology Research Department is driven by a shared mission to conduct cutting-edge research that addresses pressing social issues, enriches sociological theory, and informs public discourse. With a commitment to excellence and social relevance, we aim to produce high-quality learning that contributes to the broader field of sociology and addresses the complex challenges facing contemporary societies.

Name of Research Guides

  1. Dr. Amrutha Rinu Abraham – Associate professor
  2. Dr. Lekshmi S Kaimal            – Assistant Professor
  3. Dr. Sibin Mathew Medayil    – Assistant Professor

Research Scholars

  1. IndhuVijayan
  2. NedhaFazli M K
  3. Olivia Tresa A A
  4. Shipsy Augustine
  5. AthiraVenugopal