Commerce Faculty

Dr. Vimal George Kurian

Head of the Department

Education: B.Com., Kerala University, 2000
M.Com., Madras University , 2002
M. Phil., Madras University , 2005
Ph.D., Madras University, 2014

Area of Specialization: Banking, Quantitative Techniques for Business


Awards & Recognition:

My research focusses on the applicability of social psychology theories like Theory of Planned Behaviour (DPB), Decomposed Theory of Planned Behaviour (DTPB), Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), TAM2 into the various business services that are offered. The identification of the constructs and appropriate variables will determine the efficiency in delivery of the services. The models constructed determine the market share of the services as well.

CM01BAA02           Modern Banking

CM02BAA02           Principles of Insurance

CM03BBA02          Information Technology for Business

QT01C05                  Quantitative Techniques

OR02C10                 Operations Research