Awareness of Trends in Technology

Awareness of Trends in Technology:

Awareness of trends in technology is an important skill for individuals to develop, particularly in today’s rapidly changing and innovative technological landscape. Workshops, Seminars, webinars, conferences, technology focused courses and training programmes are planned and implemented in order to keep the college community informed of the new developments in their respective fields.  


Sl.No Programme
1 Webinar on digital marketing
2 Highly oriented conducting polymer thin films for thermoelectric applications
3 NFTs Explained


Sl.No Programme
1 Webinar on Skill Development: Emerging Trends in Big Data
2 Cloud Computing -Changing Archetype for IT
3 Introduction to the World of Cloud Computing (Webinar)
4 Digital Image Processing (Webinar)
5 Three Day Webinar Series In Recent Trends On Nanomaterials
6 Artificial Intelligence and Re-Imagining the future of Tourism (Webinar)
7 Lecture on Next Generation Antibiotics
8 New Norms in Aviation


Sl.No Programme
1 Human Genome Editing
2 Seminar on Advanced and Engineered Materials
3 Seminar on Recent Trends in Software Field
4 A Talk on Photonic Source
5 Workshop on Blockchain technology
6 Seminar on Recent trends in Applied statistics
7 Exploring the wonders of space: An Indian Perspective
8 Novel Corona Virus: Current state of knowledge and Public Health Responses


Sl.No Programme
1 A Talk On ‘Multi Wavelength Astronomy- An Observer’s Perceptive’
2 Talk on model systems to study development, regeneration and diseases.


Sl.No Programme
1 International Seminar on Gene Based Therapies
2 Molecular biology Training programme
3 One Day Seminar on Trends in Thermoelectricity
4 National Seminar on Materials for Emerging Technology
5 Introductory Workshop On Astronomical Spectroscopy
6 Future Aspects In Physics
7 National Seminar on Bioprospecting. A quest for Natural Solutions