Sport Facilities

  • Cricket Stadium

Spanning over 2500 square feet, the extensive grounds of the stadium has played host to numerous matches. The most innovative aspect of the stadium is its seating capacity for 4000 spectators.

  • Football Ground

The expansive grounds, which cover an area of more than 43,500 square feet, have hosted numerous games. The stadium’s ability to hold 4000 people is its most novel feature.

  • Volleyball Court

The court with its 3000 square feet area, have hosted several games. The stadium’s seating capacity is 250.

  • Badminton Court

The well maintained 2000 square feet badminton court offers decent space and a gallery for 100 spectators.

  • Athletics Ground

The vast grounds, which cover an area of around 1,12,000 square feet has been a venue for various sport events.

  • Gymnasium

The Department of Physical Education features the college gymnasium which is equipped with 13 pieces of single station machines, 300 kilograms of weights including dumbbells that weigh around 200 kilograms, 10 barbells, punching bag, treadmill and other auxiliary paraphernalia for physical development. The trainees are trained by Dr. Jackson, assistant professor, Department of Physical Education.