Campus Lens (Photography Club)

The Photography Club offer a platform for the students who are passionate about film and photography. Technical sessions on all areas of Photography and Film making and interactions with experts from the respective fields are organized. Ms. Jeya P., Department of Physics and Ms. Sonia A. Department of English serve as the coordinators.

The present club has been constituted with the following members:

  1. Dr. Ajish K.R. (Co-ordinator) (Chemistry)
  2. Mrs. Jeya P. (Physics)
  3. Mr. Vishnu Prakash (Commerce(SF))
  4. Mrs. Delsy M.J. (BCA)
  5. Mrs. Neema Sara John (Commerce(SF))
  6. Mrs. Parvathy B. (Commerce(SF))
  7. Ms. Sarina Thomas (Commerce(SF))
  8. Mr. Clint Peter Roy (Commerce(SF))
  9. Mr. Savad K.A. (Commerce(SF))
  10. Dr. Jeena Shaji (English (SF))
  11. Mr. Midhun R. Mohan (EMMRC Administrator)

Student Support