Ever since the introduction of Direct Payment of Salaries by the State Government, most colleges, particularly private colleges, had to depend upon the Parent Teacher Association for funds to carry out the day to day financial affairs of the institution. The Parent Teacher Association of the CMS College came into existence with this objective in view. Functioning within the framework of a well defined constitution, the Parent-Teacher Association of the CMS College plays a vital role in the maintenance and upkeep of the College. With the Principal as the President and Mr. Prince D. as the Vice President, the PTA is efficiently led by Dr. Jentle Varghese, Dept. of English who serves as the Secretary and Dr. Arun Kumar, Dept. of Physics as the Treasurer.

Addressing the unspoken and often unattended needs of the student community, the Parents and Teachers Association has launched a welfare project – Oasis. Oasis aims at providing lunch and other financial support to needy students who have potential for excellence in different fields of academic life like studies, fine arts, visual and performing arts, sports and games. The resources for Oasis are mobilized from the college community, well wishers and philanthropists. Beneficiaries are selected by the Faculty Advisors and the Principal. It is coordinated by Smt. Ani Merly Paul, Dept. of Sociology and Dr. Sheny D. S., Dept. of Chemistry.

PTA Executive Committee members:

  1. Dr. Varghese C. Joshua (Principal)
  2. Dr. Reenu Jacob (Vice Principal)
  3. Mr. Prince D. (Vice President) (Parent)
  4. Dr. Jentle T. Varghese (Secretary) (Faculty)
  5. Mrs. Shahitha Rejith (Joint Secretary) (Parent)
  6. Dr. Arun Kumar K.V. (Treasurer) (Faculty
  7. Rev. Cherian Thomas (Bursar)
  8. Mr. Jayakumar V.K. (Parent)
  9. Mrs. Swapna S. (Parent)
  10. Dr. Charles A. Joseph (Faculty)
  11. Dr. Ann Abraham (Faculty)
  12. Mr. Arun Abraham David (Faculty)
  13. Dr. Basil George (Faculty)
  14. Dr. Tiya Mariam Jacob (Faculty)
  15. Mrs. Elsa Daniel (Faculty)
  16. Mrs. Delsey M.J. (Faculty)
  17. Mr. Shahvas Sherif P. (Faculty)

Dr. Varghese C. Joshua (Principal)
Dr. Reenu Jacob (Vice Principal)
Mr. Prince D. (Vice President) (Parent)
Dr. Jentle T. Varghese (Secretary) (Faculty)
Mrs. Shahitha Rejith (Joint Secretary) (Parent)
Dr. Arun Kumar K.V. (Treasurer) (Faculty
Rev. Cherian Thomas (Bursar)
Mr. Jayakumar V.K. (Parent)
Mrs. Swapna S. (Parent)
Dr. Charles A. Joseph (Faculty)
Dr. Ann Abraham (Faculty)
Mr. Arun Abraham David (Faculty)
Dr. Basil George (Faculty)
Dr. Tiya Mariam Jacob (Faculty)
Mrs. Elsa Daniel (Faculty)
Mrs. Delsey M.J. (Faculty)
Mr. Shahvas Sherif P. (Faculty)

Student Support