Debate Club

A debate club gives students of all abilities a fun way of developing their oratorical skills. Activities like public speaking, debates, etc., are organised which promote critical thinking, confidence, and communication. Dr. Gigi Joseph of Department of Communicative English and Dr. Sibin Mathew Medayil, Dept. of Sociology serves as the co- ordinators.

The present club has been constituted with the following members:

  1. Sri. Jacob Eapen Kunnath (Co-ordinator) (English)
  2. Dr. Amrutha Rinu Abraham (Sociology)
  3. Dr. Sibin Mathew Medayil (Sociology)
  4. Mrs. Mini Mariam Zachariah (Malayalam)
  5. Dr. Ajish K.R. (Chemistry)
  6. Dr. Vijo Thomas Kurien (Zoology)
  7. Dr. Shija Grace (Hindi)
  8. Mr. Noble V. Thomas (Chemistry)
  9. Dr. Vinil Paul (History)

Student Support