Civics Club

It is an initiative to ensure that students have the skills and values to become active and informed citizens. Students will have an opportunity to understand about the political and legal systems, and explore the nature of citizenship, privileges and obligations of citizens, diversity and identity in contemporary society. Ms. Betty Elsa Jacob, Department of English is the coordinator of the club.

The present club has been constituted with the following members:

  1. Dr. Sibin Mathew Medayil (Co-ordinator) (Sociology)
  2. Dr. Amrutha Rinu Abraham (Sociology)
  3. Dr. Ajish K.R. (Chemistry)
  4. Mr. Ashok Alex Luke (Political Science)
  5. Mr. Ditto Prasad (English)
  6. Dr. Prathibha Anne Baby (English(SF))

Student Support