The Lea Hostel

The Lea hostel – named after Rev. Philip Lea, the last British Missionary Principal of the College, continues to be a home away from home for the generations of women students who have stayed here through the courses of their study here. A little away from the main campus of the College, the Lea Hostel is a safe and secure refuge where young girls learn not only to secure the degrees that would enable them to earn their livelihood but also the science and art of living in peace and harmony with their fellow human beings, of becoming empowered young women well able to look after themselves and others.  Prof. Miss M. K.  Mary of the Department of Mathematics served as the warden of the hostel throughout her period of active academic service. Even after retiring from the College, she stayed on as the warden of the hostel till 2006. The Lea Hostel continues to follow the traditions set by Miss. Mary, under the efficient warden ship of Mrs. Elsamma Joseph and guidance of the committee comprising of women faculty members. (Site data) 

(39 rooms + dormitory – 3 new water tanks installed recently) (3 incinerators at Ella)

 Ella Hostel

The Ella Hostel is named after Mrs. Elizabeth Ella Bailey, wife of Rev. Benjamin Bailey the first missionary Principal of the College. It started functioning in the year 2012. This hostel was built to accommodate post-graduate students. Mrs. Susan Thomas serves as the warden under the guidance of a committee comprising of women faculty members. 

Askwith- Boy Sports Students’ Hostel


The Men’s hostel of the College named after its former Principal Rev. Francis Navel Askwith was established in 1914. The hostel facility is enjoyed by PG students and sports students of the college on a fifty-fifty sharing basis as per an agreement of the College with the Sports Council of Kerala. Dr. Jackson V. Paul and Dr. Ravikumar C serve as the wardens

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