Reader’s Club

The Reader’s Club is aimed at inculcating a passion for reading books. It also aims at promoting reading habits among the students in village schools. The coordinators of this club are Dr. Daisy Abraham of Dept. of Malayalam and Dr. Pratibha Anne Baby, Dept. of Communicative English.

The present club has been constituted with the following members:

  1. Dr. Rony Rajan Paul (Co-ordinator) (Chemistry)
  2. Mrs. Mini Mariam Zachariah (Malayalam)
  3. Dr. Daisy Abraham (Malayalam)
  4. Dr. Sunish K.S. (Chemistry)
  5. Dr. Santhini Thomas (Malayalam)
  6. Mrs. Neethu Theresa Willington (Physics)
  7. Mrs. Jenny Sara Paul (Malayalam)
  8. Dr. Jentle T. Varghese (English)
  9. Dr. Tiya Mariam Jacob (Malayalam)
  10. Dr. Smitha Daniel S.L. (Malayalam)
  11. Dr. Archana A.K. (Malayalam)

Student Support