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Centre for Disability Studies


To cultivate an inclusive and self sustainable curricular and co-curricular environment at the C M S College.


The primary aim of the Centre for Disability Studies (CDS) at the CMS College is to engage with learners with disability (henceforth referred to as stakeholders), to facilitate access, equal opportunity and inclusion.

As a pioneering centre for Disability Studies in India, it is our our aim to foster interdisciplinary research and publication, organise conferences, conduct webinars, launch MOOCs, stage plays and so on, to effect a total shift in the way society views learners with disability.

It’s our hope that our academic ventures would re-define the very idea of ‘Dis/ability’, and eventually lead to positive changes in government policy, resulting in the emergence of a more egalitarian society, guaranteeing equal rights and opportunities to everyone.

Along with these academic endeavours, it is planned to conduct extension activities with the support of all the students of the CMS College. This will foster an atmosphere of brotherhood within the campus and outside, in keeping with the vision of the founding fathers of this august institution.


  • To mentor the stakeholders on campus.
  • To ensure dignity and integrity of the stakeholders on campus.
  • To ensure the availability of accessible buildings and assistive technology on campus.
  • To cater to the holistic development of the stakeholders.
  • To initiate effective social sensitization of the stakeholders.
  • To build strategic alliances between the stakeholders and governmental and non-governmental agencies.
  • To collaborate with national and international agencies to broaden discourses on disability.

Dr. Anju Sosan George serves as the Director of the Centre. Ms. Betty Elsa Jacob is the Associate Director.

The Centre for Disability Studies offers an Internship opportunity to research scholars in the field of Disability Studies, to give them real-time work experience. The internship is designed to bridge the gap between academia and the real-time needs.

We offer internships for one month, subject to the availability of opportunities at CDS. Currently, we encourage online mode only. The Interns will be issued a certificate on satisfactory completion of the programme. No stipend would be provided.

Scholars interested in availing this internship during the month of July (1.7.22 to 31.7.22) may complete the application form attached and mail it to [email protected] with INTERNSHIP mentioned in the subject line.

Internships are considered for the fields listed below:

  • Research/Data Collection
  • Copy Editing / Proofreading
  • E-Publishing
  • Content Writing/ Marketing


July interns
1. Miby Mariam Jacob
2. Sharada Devi V.


Student Support

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